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Crop Husbandry : Nutriseed Pack Technology for Simplified Crop Production

Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, TNAU, Coimbatore have developed a new method of crop production namely Nutriseed Pack Technology.

In Nutriseed Pack technology each plant can be established by placing a Nutriseed Pack in soil.

Nutriseed Pack contains seed at top, enriched manure in the middle and encapsulated fertilizer at bottom. Nutriseed Pack gives support for each plant in the root zone in terms of optimum nutrient supply, biological activity and consequently enables the fullest utilization of nutrients by plants.

With the help of Nutriseed Packs fertilizer nutrients are not wasted.



Climate : Sugarcane is basically a tropical crop requiring hot climate. But it also grows well in subtropical climate. Therefore in India, sugarcane is grown right from Punjab and Haryana in the North and Karnataka/TamilNadu in the down South. It has wider adaptability and grows well where temp00erature ranges between 200C to 400c. It responds well to long period of sunlight (12 to 14 hours), high humidity (above 70%) and high rainfall even upto 1500 mm. If assured irrigation water is available, it can also be grown in areas where rainfall is low upto 500 mm. As sugarcane crop remains in the field for more than 12 months, it withstands temperature variations of winter (6 to 8 deg.cent.) and summer (40 to 420C) .

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