Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry : Swarupa- Clone of Karan-Kirti produced by NDRI

Dr. A. K. Srivastava, Director, NDRI informed that on August 1, 2015 a female calf named "SWARUPA" was born through normal delivery with weight of 32 kg.

The new calf was produced through new and advanced "Hand-guided Cloning Technique". The used donor cell was from the ear of an adult outstanding buffalo named “Karan-Kirti” of NDRI farm.

Karan-Kirti yielded 4425 kg of milk in its first lactation in 427 days of lactation and had a yield of 3812kg in 305 days. Its peak yield of 25.1 kg was the highest daily yield of a buffalo recorded so far in the history of the Institute.

According to the opinion of scientist those who had involved in the production of this clon, the clone calves produced using somatic cells from adult animals can bring revolution by copying the proven genetics many folds.

This new advancement in the technology of “Hand-guided Cloning” of buffaloes will provide faster multiplication of elite germplasm and help us face the challenges of increasing demands of milk due to the ever growing human population.

This technology will help to increase the number of best milch buffaloes in India.