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Animal Husbandry : Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute Developed Milk Replacer

Constituted Milk feeding in Lambs for higher Gains and Survivability
1. Native sheep breed did not produce enough milk to support rapid growth of pre-weaner lambs.
2. Lambs meet their nutrient requirements from dam milk: a positive relationship exists between milk yield of the dam and pre-weaning growth.
3. Replenishment of deficiency through additional milk replacer feeding increases survivability and supports faster rate of growth of pre-weaner lambs.
4. Constituted milk+ Starter diet steps up rumen development and thus provide higher weaning weight.

Constituted Milk Feeding in Lambs:

Ingredients of Milk Replacer Skim milk powder, soya powder, peanut meal, different types of flour, variety of edible oils, citric and butyric acids, minerals and vitamins
Nutrients Composition(% on dry matter basis) Crude protein- 24 to 28 Ether Extract - 10-12
Dry matter to be kept in milk replacer(% on dry matter basis) 15-17
Age to start milk replacing feeding in lambs 12-15 days and up to 90 days
Amount of milk replacer to be fed daily(ml/lamb/day) 100ml during first 10-15 days and up to 250 ml afterwards

Economics of Milk Replacer Feeding in Lambs:
Cost of Milk Replacer 82.0
Consumption of Milk Replacer(g/lamb/day) 24
Consumption in 75 day(kg/Lamb) 1.8 approximate 11.5 liter
Cost of Milk Replacer Feeding(Rs) 150
Extra gain from Milk Replacer feeding (kg in 3 Months) 4.3 (20.5 vs 16.2)
Extra Cost of Lamb @Rs150/kg live weight 645
Net Profit(Extra income-extra cost) Rs 645-150=495
Profit/lamb (Rs) from Milk Replacer feeding (in 3 month period) 495