Sheep Goats Shed

Goat is considered as poor man’s cow. It does not require any special types of housing. It has habit of free grazing. There may be adverse effects of close housing for goats. The major consideration while forming a shed for goats and sheeps are sight of location, direction and natural habitat of goat.

  • Site of goat sheds should be at high elevation and well-drained.
  • It should be clean and dry as sheep and goat does not tolerate wet or ill-drained conditions.
  • It should be away from highway about 1-2 km.
  • For large herd, sheds should be square shaped or round. For each goat 60X150 cm. space is essential.
  • Roof of shed should be made up of asbestos or heat resistant sheet and during winter and summer season it should be act as an insulator by keeping dry grass and wetting by water during summer.
  • Goat requires 15 litre drinking of water therefore water tank of capacity 8000 litre should be made. It should have height of 60-75 cm. and it should be middle of the shed and having enough width so that at a time many goat should drink water. For a goat 30 cm. space is enough. During summer, water requirement increased by 4-5 litre. Therefore, water tank should be filled by water time to time so that goat can get clean and cool water. To purify the water there should be addition of breaching powder or chlorine in appropriate quantity.

There should be separate arrangement for calving. It should be first disinfected by any disinfectant available in the market e.g. Cloramine-T, Virkon-S etc. It should be sprayed on the floor, each and every corner of shed and walls upto 1.20 m height. For bedding use grass which is carefully collected and checked. In calving yard there should be arrangement of plenty of water and feed. After three days goat and calf should be kept in open place.

Ram (he goat) should be kept separately and whenever necessary it should place in the goat shed. Goats are very sensitive to climate or weather fluctuation. Therefore cares should be taken during summer by keeping it in open pace or having cool place. During rainy season care should be taken to avoid wetness and arrangement for drainage and keeping shade dry. During winter goats can be kept together. Goats shed should be clean once in a day and water tank should be washed time to time to avoid algae, mosquito. Walls of water tank and shed should be pented by white line. Generally feed alley is not prepared for sheep and goat. But if it is prepared it should have height of 45 cm. and depth 10-15 cm. Diagram showing a round or square shape sheep and goat shed.