Farm Structures-Stores/Godown


Considering defects in old stores new stores with additional improvement are prepared with available various materials.

These stores has following Advantage:

  • These are safe from rodents.
  • These are waterproof and airtight.
  • If there is pest infestations are fumigation can be easily carried out.
  • If well dried grains are stored, it can be stored as it is for a long time.


  • Permanent Store/Godown

These stores are variable in capacity and size. Generally it has dimension of 2.35X1.23X1.54 m (6.65X4.00X4.9 ft.) that is having 6.65 ft. length, 4 ft. width and 4.9 ft height. Two types of grains can be stored by dividing it by a wall. There is arrangement of caps for taking the grains. For high elevation, stores can be built by providing a pillar of bricks having width of 22.5cm.height of 50-75cm.then place a layer of concrete of 11.25 cm thick and place caps for taking of the grains at the centre. To built store on the ground first prepared a ground level by using bricks. Place polythene sheet on it and again give a layer of bricks cement concrete. Then built walls having 11.25 cm. thickness. To strengthen the walls place round iron bearing of 6 mm. diameter. Plaster the wall with 1:6 cement and sand mixture. To avoid moisture retention, place polythene sheet and then construct 11.25 cm. thick wall. Leaving 42.5 cm. X 35 cm. space for filling and taking out the grains placed a slab of 7.5 cm. thickness. Use only full dried store for storage of grain.

  • Pusa Kothi (Stored)

It is made by raw earth (kachhi mati) or unbaked bricks. Due to less heat transmitting this store remain cool. For water proofing and airtight condition a polythene sheet should be placed between the walls and ground floor.

  • Kissan Kothi

It is iron tub of 75 cm. height and having a shape of ghamela or iron basket. And there are round iron rings for staking bamboo sticks. For feeling grain polythene sheet or thick cloth or bags should be stand with the help of bamboo sticks. After feeling tie the mouth of bag. There is arrangement at the bottom of tub for taking out the grains. It is easy to make and whenever there is no need of storage it can be with hold by removing sticks.

  • Galvanised Iron Sheet Store

It is made of either round or square shaped. It has capacity of 50kg to1 tonne of grains. It is made up of 24 guage galvanised iron sheet. It is not rusted therefore safe for storage. These are safe from rodents, water proof, airtight and required less space. Fumigation can be carried out and lasts for long time. Before filling grains it should be clean and dry properly also it should be kept on high elevation. Do not store wet grains.