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Training Programme in Post-Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops

Punjab Horticultural Postharvest technology Centre, Punjab Agricultural University Campus, Ludhiana organized a training programme on postharvest management of fruits and vegetables for farmers of Mansa district on last Tuesday.

About 25 farmers attended the training programme. The farmers were given hands on training on different techniques involved in harvesting, precooling, grading, packaging, storage and marketing of perishable produce.

The farmers were also made aware of food safety act, its guidelines and its ultimate importance for human health. Dr BVC Mahajan, Director of this Centre emphasized that lack of awareness about postharvest handling and un-availability of adequate postharvest infrastructure at farm and market level are the main reasons behind the postharvest losses and can be minimized with proper handling.

Therefore, there is need to educate farmers and marketers for careful handling of valuable horticultural produce so that postharvest losses can be minimized. This will result in ample availability of quality produce to the consumers in domestic and distant markets.

This centre is going to conduct 10 more such training programmes each of one day duration for farmers of Punjab during November-December 2017 with financial assistance from National Horticulture Mission. Dr Mahesh Kumar, Dr Ritu Tandon and Dr Swati Kapoor will conduct the training programmes.