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Plan for Special Agriculture Zone for Coconut

With the District Planning Committee (DPC) deciding to shortlist the grama panchayats having the largest area of coconut cultivation for the purpose, a special agriculture zone for coconut in Kozhikode district is likely to be a reality soon.

The project was discussed by State Planning Board Vice Chairman V.K. Ramachandran with the Planning Department officials. Planning Board member R. Ramkumar and District Collector U.V. Jose also attended the project discussions.

The formation of special agriculture zone would help farmers increase their returns and expand the area of cultivation and it would also make government agricultural agencies more accessible to farmers, said Mr. Ramachandran.

For checking the soil quality, selection of high-yielding coconut varieties, irrigation and the marketing of value-added products, this special zone for coconut would offer farmers better facilities, said officials. They also informed that, more than 50 active coconut farmers’ units too would get the direct benefits of the initiative.

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