Horticulture: Rs 8,000 crore Mango Based Products Succeed in All Categories

At Rs 8,000 crore, mango-based products a spectacular success across all categories. Mango the king of processed food and beverages across categories from tea to cocktails to candies that's the sweet new truth about India's sweet tooth. And the sweetest thing is the market size.

The US-headquartered beverages chain put alphonso puree in tea and also created an Alphonso Mango Frappuccino. Tea with mango. Starbucks' mango offering was a huge hit with Indian consumers and the global beverages chain is now exporting the Made-in-India frappuccino to other Asian markets.

Mango frappuccino is one of several new examples that have transformed the mango-based product basket dominated by ice candies and soft drinks flavoured with the fruit. "Mangoes are available only for three months anything with a short supply attracts big demand," said Harish Bijoor, a brand expert.

Gujarat-based company had a rollicking initial public offering — oversubscribed 1.4 times — based on the success of a single, mango based drink, named, with striking literalness, Mango Sip. Aam Ras is the best-selling product in Paper Boat's portfolio.

Another success is DS Group's raw mango-flavoured candy Pulse is close to topping Rs 150 crore worth of sales in the first nine months. With a Re 1 price tag, that's nearly 3 billion candies. For Parle, Mango Bite candy has topped Rs 300 crore in yearly sales. "While chocolates have a 'kids-only' affinity, mango's likeability is age-neutral," said Parle's marketing head.

Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com