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Rise in Tea Production in India by 18.74%.

Due to favourable ambient temperature as well as sufficient and good distribution of rainfall, The estimate tea production during the month of September stood at 184.60 million kgs, an increase of 29.14 million kgs (18.74%) over the corresponding period.

North India production increased by 27.48 M.Kgs (20.06%) while South India increased by 1.66 M.Kgs (8.97%). Production in Assam increased by 12.26 M.Kgs while West Bengal increased by 14.42 M.kgs.Tamil Nadu increased by 0.37 M.Kgs., while Kerala increased by 1.50 M.Kgs.

Estate production in North India increased by 17.60% while in South India it increased by 10.77%. On All India, the estate production increased by 16.89%.

The estimated tea production during 2016-17 (Apr-Sep) is arrived at 795.89 M.Kgs., as against 795.86 M.Kgs of corresponding period. Production in North India is at 681.54 M.Kgs., an increase of 15.71 M.Kgs while South India production is at 114.35 M.Kgs., a decline of 15.68 M.Kgs. The estate factory production in North India increased by 1.57% while it declined by 9.51% in South India, thereby all India decline of 0.04%.BLF production in North India increased by 4.07%, while it declined by 15.78 in South India, thereby a marginal increase of 0.09% on All India.