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January, 2019Biofit CFC Plus (Nutritional Food Supplement for Cattle)HaridwarUttarakhand
January, 2019Organic Plant growth Promoter for cropsHaridwarUttarakhand
October, 2018Organic Fertilizer for plant VadodaraGujarat
September, 2018Medicinal plants, herbal seeds available For sale SrinagarJammu Kashmir
August, 2018Garavi Onion Seedlings for Sale BaramatiMaharashtra
July, 2018Palm oil for sale Lutong MiriSarawak
April, 2018Pheromone Lures & Traps for saleHyderabadTelangana
April, 2018Bramhagiri (Kaveri Cross) Chicks For SaleNashikMaharashtra
March, 2018Wanted Strawberry saplings or strawberry seedsaligarhUttar Pradesh
March, 2018Organic Poultry Health Supplement for Bird FluVisakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
February, 2017Moringa Leaf Powder for saleNagachi, Ramand DistTamil Nadu
December, 2017Fresh bitter cola for saleBuea-
December, 2017Picralima nitida seeds for saleBuea-
December, 2017Hydroponic fodder by Chennai Hydroponics for poultryChennaiTamil Nadu
December, 2017Dried Red pepper for saleBuea-
November, 2017Rosewood Plants are available for saleBangaloreKarnataka
November, 2017Hybrid Napier Grass Slips Available for SaleNagpurMaharashtra
November, 2017Sirohi Soja Goats for Sale at Vidarbha Goat FarmUrti NagarMaharashtra
October, 2017Aloe Vera Plants and Products For SaleDelhiDelhi
October, 2017Walnut With Shell for SaleDelhiDelhi
September, 2017Dehydrated Fruits for SaleGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
September, 2017Fruit Grafts Sampling for SaleKallidaikurichiTamil Nadu
August, 2017Turnkey plantation projectsShirpur Maharashtra
August, 2017Mahadhan Fertiliser for salePuneMaharashtra
August, 2017Good Quality Pulses and Rice for saleChennaiTamil Nadu
July, 2017Moringa Leaf Powder For SaleDindigulTamil Nadu
July, 2017Strawberry Plants For Sale--
June, 2017Polyhouses for Sale at KarnatakaChickmagaloreKarnataka
May, 2017Agri Classified : Need BioReactor--
May, 2017Seedling Planter For saleSangliMaharashtra
May, 2017Black Pepper For SaleDakshina kannadaKarnataka
April, 2017Coco Peat Block for SaleNavi MumbaiMaharashtra
April, 2017Strawberry Plant For Sale--
April, 2017For Sale : Absorbent Polymer for AgricultureKolkataWest Bengal
March, 2017Razor Wire Fence For SaleKolkataWest Bengal
March, 2017Medicinal Plant Seeds For SalePulwamaJammu and Kashmir
March, 2017Ginkgo Biloba Tree For SalePulwamaJammu and Kashmir
February, 2017Organic Curry Leaves For SaleCoimbatoreTamil Nadu
February, 2017Hybrid Coconut Seedlings & Neem Cake For SaleBangaloreKarnataka
February, 2017Organic Manure / Insecticides For SaleIndoreMadhya Pradesh
January, 2017Organic Aloe Vera Available For SaleJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
January, 2017Cocopeat / Coir Pith Available for Greenhouse FarmingEast GodavariAndhra Pradesh
January, 2017Dwarf French Marigold Flower Seeds For SaleGreater KailashJammu (J&K)
December, 2016Organic Maize For saleKallakurichiTamil Nadu
December, 2016Green Fodder Incubator For SaleErodeTamil Nadu
December, 2016Layer & Broiler hatching Eggs for SaleSarawakMalaysia
November, 2016Edible Oil in BulkMoscowIdaho
November, 2016Agri Products of Paddy and Coconuts for SalechennaiTamil Nadu

Biofit CFC Plus (Nutritional Food Supplement for Cattle)

Seller Name: Raunak Dadwal
Address: Haridwar
Mobile No: 9258941006
Email: raunakd2716 [at]
Product: Biofit CFC Plus (Nutritional Food Supplement for Cattle)

Details: CFC Plus is advanced formula addressing livestock nutrition. It is enriched with essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Selenium and Digestive Enzymes that help in better feed utility for the animals.

Benefits to different livestock categories:

- Increases in the milk yield by 10%-15%
- It helps to increase fat percentage of milk and ensures protein rich milk.
- Increases fat percentage and protein content in milk
- Increases lactation period and sustains milk production even under stress conditions
- Helps in preventing metabolic disorders
- Keeps cattle healthy during pre and post calving period

- Better growth and development of skeletal system
- Helps in preventing metabolic disorders and provide instant energy
- Helps in maintaining the skin coat luster

Poultry and Goat Farming:
- Provides optimum nutrition
- Helps in increasing immunity
- Reduces the mortality pertaining to malnutrition and weight gain

Administration: Administer through feed.

1) For adult cattle and horses: Daily 10-15 gm
2) For Calves, Sheep and Goats: Daily 5-7 gm
3) For Poultry (Chicken): 250 gm per ton of feed

Organic Plant growth Promoter for crops

Seller Name: Raunak Dadwal
Address : Haridwar
Contact No: 9258941006
Email: raunakd2716 [at]

Product Name:Biofit Stim Rich (Organic Plant growth Promoter for crops)

StimRich makes plant vigorous, healthy and productive at all growth stages. It is easily diluted in the water. It helps to increase yield if used as directed.

What is Stim Rich?
15 ml of StimRich into 15 litres of water.

How to Use
15 ml of StimRich into 15 litres of water.

How does Stim Rich act?
When sprayed on leaves, it is readily absorbed and transmitted to other parts of the plant. The proteins are in the form of simple amino acids which can easily be utilized by the plants. StimRich improves the physiology of the plant and it has tonic and growth promoter effect.

When sprayed after stress conditions, it expedites the recovery of treated roots.
Rich roots are developed as StimRich makes nutrients available for roots.
It prevents crops from diseases during its essential stages like germination, flowering, fruiting, maturity and harvest.
Helps leaves to expand as a result of cell enlargement that in turn results in more photosynthesis.
It helps to reduce flower drop and fruit drop through controlled abscission.
It has synergetic effects with plant growth regulators (Gibberellic Acid and Auxins).

Can Stim Rich be used on any crop?
Yes , it can be used with all types of crops.

When to Use Stim Rich?
StimRich is essential at all stages of the crops and can be used:
When stress occurs due to heat or water.
During important growth stages of crop.
To reduce flower drop and fruit drop.
With other products for synergetic effects

biofit plant growth promoter for plants

Organic Fertilizer for Plants

Seller Name: Minfert
Address : 9/10, Waghodiya G.I.D.C. Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Contact No: 9099885396
Email: [at]

Product Name:Organic Fertilizer for Plants | MINFERT BLK
It is a natural pellets plant fertilizer to enhance all crops of plants growth. It is very useful in improving the physical properties of soil and helps in the development of white root system. BLK 500 gms and 5 kg packs are specially designed for home gardens and apartment spaces, ones poured to plant no need to worry for a month since it dissolves slowly with regular watering. Its a total package of nutrient and micro nutrients. Now growing your own food is way easier with BLK.

Organic fertilizer for plants

Medicinal plants, herbal seeds available For sale

Seller Name: JK Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre
Address : POB 667 GPO Srinagar SGR JK 190001
Contact No: 9858986794
Email: jkmpic[at]

Product Name:Medicinal plants, herbal seeds, fruit planting material & forest products
Organic and good quality Medicinal plants, herbal seeds, fruit planting material & forest products are available for sale JK Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre.

Only genuine buyers can contact on +91 9858986794 or Email - jkmpic[at]

Medicinal plants, herbal seeds for sale

Garavi Onion Seedlings for Sale

Seller Name: Yuvraj Shewale
Address : Morgaon,Niraroad,Taluka-Baramati,District-Pune
Contact No: 9422559294
Email: sarikahemgude86[at]

Product Name:Garavi Onion Seedlings
I want to sell one acre high yield garavi Onion seedlings urgently.

For details contact to Yuvraj Shewale(Ph. No.-9422559294)

Address- Morgaon,Niraroad, Taluka-Baramati ,District-Pune

Garavi Onion Seedlings for sale

Palm oil for sale

Seller Name: Sahu
Address : Lot 1523 Pujut 7D 98000 Lutong Miri, Sarawak
Contact No: +601131392274
Email: sahushean[at]

Product Name:Palm oil
We are a direct producer and supplier of palm oil,corn oil and sunflower oil. Our oils are 100% refined with cholesterol free fit for human consumption. We can ship to any port in the world. Packaging is as per buyer's request. Interested buyers can contact us now for more details.

Palm oil for sale

Pheromone Lures & Traps for sale

Seller Name: Manoj
Address : Jonnabhanda,Old alwal,near St.Michael school,Hyderabad
Contact No: +919177556611
Email: marketing[at]

Product Name:Pheromone Lures& Traps
"Our company Harmony Ecotech Pvt. Ltd., (known by our brand name “ACTIVE IPM” ) – is the world’s most cost-effective source for pheromone lures and insect traps. We had been exporting our products to Spain, UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc., since the past six years. Please find our product brochures attached hereto for your immediate reference. A visit to our website or would give you a more detailed idea of our activities.

We have extremely effective solutions for problems faced by farmers in the following crops, for which no chemical sprays are available:
Brinzal – Fruit and shoot borer
Vegetables –Fruitfly cucurbitaes
Fruits – Fruitfly Dorsalis
Coconut/ Oil palm/ Arecanut – Red palm weevil Rhino Beatle

We are in the process of adding the entire line of bio control products like bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, growth promoters, microbials, bacculo viruses etc., used extensively in IPM programs and organic agriculture. We always strive hard to deliver more than what we promise, in terms of quality, service, delivery, response time and competitive price.

We are on the lookout for long term business associations with organizations sharing similar interests and values, who can support us in our endeavour to be a market leader. We offer very attractive margins and excellent technical support, apart from marketing support by way of participation in trade fairs, personal visits/field sales calls along with our distributors’ team mates, farmer meets and field demos, distribution of market promotion/product literature and POP material such as stickers and posters etc.

If this is of interest to you, please respond, at the earliest of your convenience, giving us some details about your organization and filling up the attached Distributor Data Sheet. On receipt of the same, we shall take this forward by further interaction over phone & email and probably meeting in person. We hereby invite you to visit our office cum factory in Hyderabad at the earliest of your convenience.

Kindly fill the form and Send back to us.
manoj 9177556611"

Pheromone Lures & Traps for sale

Wanted Strawberry saplings or strawberry seeds

Seller Name: Ravi
Address : village & p.o tocchigarh , distt aligarh (U.P)
Contact No: 9414054481
Email: ravi3871 [at]

Product Name:strawberry saplings or strawberry seeds
We want high yield and good quality 15000 strawberry saplings or strawberry seeds.

Interested seller please contact through email : ravi3871 [at]
Contact at 9414054481

Organic Poultry Health Supplement for Bird Flu

Seller Name: Gomata Organics
Address : Visakhapatnam
Contact No: 9581584722
Email: gomata.organics [at]

Product Name:Organic Poultry Health Supplement for Bird Flu
Poultry Avian Influenza
- Viral Avian Flu / Bird Flu / H5N1
- Organic Vedic Natural Herbal Ayurvedic
- Poultry Health Supplement<
Now Buy Online - Worldwide Delivery Available

Dosage & Duration:
Recomended dosage - 15 gm / 100 kg body weight - twice a day
To be mixed in daily feed and served with the general feed

Start administering the medicine as soon as the first symptoms appear or influenza is suspected.

If it has already affected few birds in the flock, give the medicine to the rest for prevention."

Organic Poultry Health Supplement for sale

Moringa Leaf Powder for sale

Seller Name: Vinod Jayram
Address : uchipuli, Nagachi, Ramand Dist
Contact No: 9677345416
Email: z1telcom [at]

Product Name:Moringa Leaf Powder (fresh)
We supply fresh , clean Moringa Leaf Powder with international standard packing.

Interested buyers please contact through email : z1telcom [at]
Contact at 9677345416

Fresh bitter cola for sale

Seller Name: Ashunchong
Address : Buea
Contact No: 690199383
Email: magnificienttee [at]

Product Name:Garcinia cola(Bitter kola)
We supply Fresh and high quality of Garcinia cola(Bitter kola).
Interested buyers please contact through email : magnificienttee [at]
Contact at 690199383

Fresh bitter cola for sale

Picralima nitida seeds for sale

Seller Name: Ashunchong
Address : Buea
Contact No: 690199383
Email: magnificienttee [at]

Product Name: We are supply Picralima nitida seeds for treatment of dysentery..
Interested buyers please contact.

Picralima nitida seeds for sale

Hydroponic fodder by Chennai Hydroponics for poultry.

Seller Name: Chennai Hydroponics
Address : Chennai
Contact No: 8148732297
Email: chennaihydroponics [at]

Product Name: "Hydroponic fodder by Chennai Hydroponics for poultry."
No more expensive animal feed.
Poultry feed is expensive and farmers know that too well. Hydroponically grown chicken fodder is affordable and a good option. Hydroponics fodder cuts down feeding cost by 70 per cent.

The good thing is that the feed is completely organic and contains high protein content. The feed also makes chicken mature faster, they produce higher quality eggs and the birds have good weight. The place where this the foliage is grown is enclosed within a shade net to regulate temperature, mimicking a small greenhouse. Hydroponic fodder is rich in protein, B-carotene, trace elements and enzymes and the fodder is also 95 per cent digestible as compared to other commercial feed.There is a high market for organic chicken, This feed also ensures the birds mature in four to five months instead of the conventional seven to nine months. They also begin laying eggs at six months.

You can feed chicken on hydroponic fodder exclusively. 100%. The savings of this technique, on paper, were nothing short of astronomical. First of all, 2kg of seed produces 10kg of fodder in just 7 to 8 days. If each chicken eats 150g of fodder, that would mean we could feed up to 66 chicken.

Fresh sprouts grown in Chennai Hydroponic Fodder System offer nutritional advantages for poultry and chickens. Seeds grown in sprouting system mature green grass in just 7 – 8 days in a controlled environment.Chickens perform very well when eating fresh, green sprouts. Chennai Hydroponic sprouting systems allow users to supply consistent quality feed regardless of the climate.

One needs no soil, no open field to grow grass.An indoor facility with a hydroponic fodder unit can provide any commercial dairy farm with enough green grass to meet the nutrition needs of the animals.And the technology is quite simple and easy and cost-effective in the long run.

Feeding sprouts to poultry offers very dramatic advantages including:
- More eggs
- Larger eggs
- Deep, yellow/orange yoke
- Thicker shell
- Improved health
- Low cost feed
- Faster weight gain
- Better appearance & health

Chennai Hydroponics
Mobile: 8148732297"Image

Hydroponic fodder for sale

Dried red pepper for sale

Seller Name: Ashunchong
Address : Buea
Contact No: 690199383
Email: magnificienttee [at]

Product Name: We are supplier of good quality of dried red pepper.
Interested buyers please contact.

Dried red pepper for sale

Rosewood Plants are available for sale

Seller Name: Lokesh VB
Address : Bangalore, Karnataka
Contact No: 8310203884
Email: lokeshvb [at]

Product Name: Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)
Dalbergia latifolia (Rosewood) Plants are available for sale,
Interested people can contact

Rosewood Plants are available for sale​

Hybrid Napier Grass Slips Available for Sale

Seller Name: Vidarbha Agro Farms
Address : 33 gedam layput tri,Urti Nagar, Nagpur
Contact No: 9579775684
Email: vidarbhalivestocks [at]

Product Name: co3 co4 Hybrid napier Grass slips
Hybrid napier grass slips available at vidarbha goat farm nagpur 9579775684 This is a cross between Napier grass and Bajra cereal. This is a very high yieding grass variety. With proper care, you would be able to harvest around 150 tonnes per year per acre. This has average protien content ranging from 8% to 11%. The cultivation of CO-4 grass is similar to sugarcane requiring around 17000 slips per acre.

Hybrid Napier Grass for sale

Sirohi Soja Goats for Sale at Vidarbha Goat Farm

Seller Name: Vidarbha Goat Farm
Address : 33 gedam layout tri,urti nagar
Contact No: 9579775684
Email: vidarbhalivestocks [at]

Product Name: Goats Sirohi Sojat
We sell goats all over India.Contact now 9579775684

Sirohi Soja ​Goats for Sale

Aloe Vera Plants and Products For Sale

Seller Name: Ruby Hasan
Address : Delhi
Mobile Number: 8744944542
Email: naturalagrotech [at]

Products: Aloe Vera plants, Aloe Vera Leaves, Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Vera gel, Aloe Vera powder

Details: We, Natural Agrotech provides you Aloe Vera Plants, Aloe Vera leaves, Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera powder, Aloe Vera gel etc. As we have our own fields for plantation of Aloe Vera in hamirpur U.P, India. Our farmers do all the necessary tasks to manufacture the best quality, more and more fleshy leaves of Aloe Vera plants

So those who need the fresh and fleshy Aloe Vera and related products then please do contact us at : +91-8744944542(Contact person: Mr. Anis Ahmad)

Walnut With Shell for Sale

Seller Name: Biplab De
Address : Delhi
Mobile Number: 9560354421
Email: de.biplab [at]

We are looking for the buyers for Premium Quality Walnut (Imported from Ukraine).
Interested buyers please email me at de.biplab[at]

Dehydrated Fruits for Sale

Seller Name: Biplab De
Address : Delhi
Mobile Number: 9560354421
Email: de.biplab [at]

We have premium quality of dehydrated mango, ginger ready in our production line.
Interested buyers please email me at de.biplab[at]

Fruit Grafts Sampling for Sale

Seller Name: Eeshaa nursery & Garden services
Address : Kallidaikurichi, Tamil Nadu
Mobile Number: 9442379331
Email: saroni.1992 [at]

farm development viewers,
we are having All types of seedlings / Grafts / budded / Hybrid seedling available in west part of Tirunelveli.

Namely Coconut like Hybrid DXT ( Dwarf x Tall), Tender coconut like MYD( malaysian yellow dwarf,)chowghat orange dwarf( COD), Green dwarf, All types of mango( Main/ OFF season varities), Lime seedling, layer Tirunelveli local breed, guava L49, Red ( coundry breed), Gooseberry ( NA7,Kanchan, Chakkiya, Krishna),Sapota ( cricket ball, Kalipatti),Timber plant,Neem,Tamarind, Malai vembu, Kumil, & All types of farm development services from 1992 on wards, if needs our 25 years field practical experience services,
pl contact to
Saroni Agri Farm Development services,&
Eeshaa nursery & Garden services.
Horticulture consultant,
Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu,

Turnkey plantation projects

Seller Name: Pravin Marathe
Address : Shirpur (Maharastra )
Name of the organisation : Minakshi Agro Sales
Mobile Number: 9422365693
Email: pravin.marathe2709 [at]

Agri Product or Services: Turnkey plantation projects , Poly House, Shade Net House Irrection , Drip Irrigation , Automation, Contract farming, Organic farming & buy back of organic products.

Mahadhan Fertiliser for sale

Seller Name: Mahadhan Fertiliser
Address : Sai Hira, Survey No. 93, Mundhwa, Pune 411036, Maharashtra, India
Contact No: 2066458145
Email: mahadhanfertiliser [at]

Product Name: Mahadhan Fertiliser
bulk fertilisers by Mahadhan - the most trusted fertiliser brand of India

Click here to know more :

Fertiliser For sale

Good Quality Pulses and Rice for sale

Seller Name: R Vandanaa Sree
Address : Chennai
Contact No: 9042010105
Email: chennaisaki [at]

Product Name: Good Quality DHAL / RICE Available
Good Quality
Channa White Big , Chenna White small , Gram Dhal - Moong Dhal - Orid Dhal - ToorDhal - Green Gram Dhal Rajma - Black Rajma - Pink, Rice - Basmathi , Rice - Boiled , Rice - Raw Roasted Gram available with us
those Interested can contact – 9042010105,
chennaisaki [at]

Agriculture Produce For sale

Moringa Leaf Powder For Sale

Buyer Name: Agri Shanmugam
Address : Kodangipatty PO. Vedasandur, Dindigul Dist.
Mobile Number: 9865004070
Email: shanmugamagri [at]

Product Name: Moringa Leaf Powder
Moringa plant is cultivated organically and processed scientifically and hygienically without loss of nutrients and packed. This can be used with any meals and can be used for maxium of 6 month periods.

Strawberry Plants For Sale

Buyer Name: Kuldip Brar
Email: kuldipbrar.ks [at]

Product Name: Strawberry Plants
STRAWERRY FARMS : India's successful youth strawberry grower.
all Varieties :- Chandler , Camarosa , Ophara , Winterdown And Sweet Charlie .
Nearly 32,000 plants can be grown on each acre of Land.
Each plant willcost ( 3 ) rs.
The Fruit is transplanted from September to October and It starts repining in February and goes on till May .
KULDIP BRAR - Sales strawberry plant online
contact number. +919878323234

Polyhouses for Sale at Karnataka

Seller Name: Prashanth Dm
Address : Chickmagalore, Karnataka
Contact No: 9900116175
Email: prashdm [at]

Product Name: Poly house
We have 2600 sq mts of Polyhouse built as per NHM standards.
we are planning to sell the polyhouse.
Approx Cost:1150000
Interested buyers please contact us for more details.
Mobile : 9900116175

Polyhouse For sale
Polyhouse For sale at karnataka

Agri Classified : Need BioReactor

Buyer Name: Elmaati Yassine
Email: elmaati.yassine [at]

Product Name: BioReactor
we are working on Bacteria production and multiplication (PGPR), for this reason we are looking for bioreactor (150 L ) for bacteria growth.

Thanks for answering me on the following questions:
-Do you have bioreactor for sale?
-How does one sterilize bioreactor glass vessel/steel?
-Sterilization of medium is done in the same vessel or in separate vessel?
- What is the best liquid formulation for bio-fertilizers?
-what are the media used for mass production of bio-fertilizers?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Seedling Planter For sale

Seller Name: Swapnil Dhonde
Address : Sangli
Contact No: 9175606909
Email: omenterprises011 [at]

Product Name: Seedling Planter
We manufacture Seedling Planter which is useful for farmers who grow vegetables on Mulching Paper, or on soil bed. It reduces Cost of farmer and also reduce time required for seedling planting. only 2 person is required for seedling plantation. vegetable such as capsicum, tomato, brinjal, water melon, strawberry etc also for sugarcane.

mail or contact us on 9890931833, 9175606909

Seedling Planter For sale

Black Pepper For Sale

Seller Name: Babu Naik
Contact No: +91-9990781700
Email: girishpunacha[at]

Product Name: Black pepper
150 kg black pepper available for sale [at] 1000Rs/kg. Seller is the the farmer.

Coco Peat Block for Sale

Seller Name: Anujha Enterprise
Address : B 104 Rounak Chs Ltd., Sectoer 20, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai
Contact No: 9029148397
Email: anujhaetpe[at]

Product Name: Coco Peat Block
We, Anujha Enterprise, started our business with dedicated commitment on the quality of delivering Export Quality Coco Peat at domestic and International level.

Coco Peat Block for Sale

Coco Peat is 100% Organic, Eco –friendly and is capable of improving state of dead soil, with high water retention, improved aeration, reduced water consumption(saves 70 % water) and production of better yield.


Good absorbance of Water
High Water retention and High-porosity
Facilitates in minimal usage of Nutrients and Fertilizers
Resistant to Bacterial and Fungal growth
Valuable nitrogen is preserved in coco peat
An effective soil conditioner and soil-free substrate
Reduces frequency of watering

Hydroponic Growers
Nursery & Garden center professionals
Seedling Nurseries
Lawn and Golf course constructors
Horticulture and Floriculture applications
Soil Erosion Control
Home Gardening (indoor and out door) and for landscaping use

Please contact for your order
Michael Suresh
Anujha Enterprise
B-104, Rounak CHS Ltd,
Sector – 20, CBD Belapur,
Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra, India – 400 614
Email : anujhaetpe[at]
H/p : +91 9029148397

Strawberry Plant For Sale

Seller Name: Kuldip Brar
Contact No: +91-9878323234
Email: kuldipbrar.ks[at]

Product Name:Strawberry Farms
BRAR Strawberry Farms We are India’s successful strawberry grower.
Having all varieties of strawberry in farm such as Chandler, Camarosa , Ophara , Winterdown And Sweet Charlie .
Nearly 32,000 plants can be grown on each acre of Land. Each plant will cost (Rs. 3).
The Fruit is transplanted from September to October and It starts repining in February and goes on till May.

For Sale : Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Seller Name: Shubham Karnani
Address : Haute Street Corporate Park, 86A Topsia Road (S),Kolkata-700046
Contact No: 8961111111
Email: info[at]

Product Name: Alsta Hydrogel - Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Hydrogel Polymer marketed by Chemtex Speciality Limited under the name Alsta Hydrogel is a water retaining agent with the capacity of holding up to 400 – 600 times water than its own weight. Hydrogel agriculture or the use of super absorbent polymer for agriculture refers to hydrogel polymer application in soils for the purpose of stably providing water to the plants irrespective of drought and dry seasons. The plants can absorb water from this nontoxic water absorbent polymer throughout. Hydrogel in Agriculture is a potassium based super absorbent polymer acting in drought prone areas and rain-fed agriculture as a water retaining agent.

Razor Wire Fence For Sale

Seller Name: BSMW Wire Bharmal
Address : Kolkata
Contact No: 8910045162
Email: rajfencings [at]

Product Name: RAZOR WIRE
We manufacture & install RAZOR WIRE Fence. It is more effective than ordinary barbed wire fence.

Razor Wire Fence For Sale

Medicinal Plant Seeds For Sale

Seller Name: Sheikh Gulzaar
Address : Pampore,Pulwama
Contact No: 9858986794
Email: jkmpic [at]

Product Name: Medicinal Plant Seeds
A place to record all the plants I find.
Medicinal & aromatic plants,Medicinal seeds,fruit seeds,herb seeds,flower seeds,forest tree seeds etc.

The Jammu & Kashmir
Medicinal Plants
Introduction Centre
SGR J&K 190001

Write us at : jkmpic[at]
Mob: 09858986794
Ph/fax : 01933-223705

Availability fruit plants, herbal tea, herb, root, herb plant, wild flower seed, bark & rhizomes..

Medicinal Plant Seeds For Sale

Ginkgo Biloba Tree For Sale

Seller Name: Sheikh Gulzaar
Address : Pampore,Pulwama
Contact No: 9858986794
Email: jkmpic [at]

Product Name: Ginkgo Biloba Tree
Ginkgo tree, a true survivor of the Jurassic period or "living fossil" that. It saw the dinosaurs come and go and the only living trees survive nuclear explosions at Hiroshima. Taxins while reducing the polluted land can thrive for the year 1000. In addition to being a highly researched medicinal surprise, they provide disease-free ornamental shade trees or hardwood forests. They hope for the future, with trees that are blends of our ecological history.

Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre
Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar GPO SGR POB 667 190 001

Mob: 09858986794
Landline: 01933-223705
E-mail: jkmpic[at]

Ginkgo Biloba Tree For Sale

Organic Curry Leaves For Sale

Seller Name: Ramya
Address : 4/254 periya vinayagar kovil street, jothipuram po coimbatore - 641047
Contact No: 9500994658
Email: rightexports2015 [at]

Product Name: Organic curry leaves
pure organic curry leaves , normal curry leaves available here.
organic curry leaves - 45 rs per kg
normal curry leaves - 40 rs per kg
domestic purpose - 35 rs per kg

Organic Curry Leaves For Sale

Hybrid Coconut Seedlings & Neem Cake For Sale

Seller Name: Jagadish KN
Address : Bangalore, Karnataka
Contact No: 9902329636
Email: jagadish007.sp [at]

Product Name:Hybrid coconut saplings, Neem cake, Bio Mix
Coconut plant start yielding in 36 months.
Neem cake pure with 100% oil content.
Bio mix with seven bacteria like Azospirillum, Azotobacter, Phosphobacteria, Trichoderma, Pseudomonas, Potash bacteria and VAM.

Organic Manure / Insecticides For Sale.

Seller Name: Mukesh Mishra
Address : Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Contact No: 8795288121
Email: sambioorganic [at]

Product Name: Kerria Organic Mix
A organic substitute of soil for growing ornamental,vegetable,fruit plants in pots,terrace,window box.u can use as a manure 250gm/plant,use as a insecticides.

Marigold Flower Seeds For Sale

Organic Aloe Vera Available For Sale

Seller Name: Nishant Bajpai
Address : Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Contact No: 9926393261
Email: nishant22mib [at]

Product Name:Aloe Vera
We are organic aloe vera grower in jabalpur. We have bulk quantity of aloe vera for sale at reasonable price.
About 90 ton of Aloe Vera available for sale.
Interested buyers can contact on +91-9926393261.

Cocopeat / Coir Pith Available for Greenhouse Farming

Seller Name: S V Coir Exports
Address : Mandapeta, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
Contact No: 9849372243
Email: contact [at]

Product Name: Coir related product supplies to Greenhouse and Landscape projects – Soilless Growing Medium
We introduce ourselves as the manufacturers of all kinds of Coir related products used for horticultural purposes. Our manufacturing industry is located at Mandapeta Andhra Pradesh State, the coastal region of India.

We supply all kinds of Cocopeat/Coir pith, Coir Yarn/Rope used for landscaping, green houses, poly houses for vegetable, wine yards and horticultural purposes etc.

We also supply soil stabilizing matting like Geo blanket and Geogrid and all coir related products for large scale road side stabilization etc. and as well as for stabilizing slopes of Golf course bunkers.

We also manufacture Coconut Shell Charcoal which is used as growing medium for Orchid cultivation in Green houses. In addition to this, we are also manufacturers of readymade Root Zone mix for Golf Greens. This is made not only to meet proper specification for root zone but also saves considerable construction time of Greens.

It is understood that you are involved various coir related projects. In this regard, we are in a position to supply the Coconut fibre, Sterilized Cocopeat, Cocopeat blocks 200 tons per month

We also request to go through our website for further information

In this regard, we look forward for further discussions to understand the requirements and supply the required materials accordingly.

Dwarf French Marigold Flower Seeds For Sale

Seller Name: A. Ajoy Sharma
Address : Greater Kailash, Jammu (J&K).
Contact No: 9796800090
Email: alphastaragritech [at]

Product Name: Dwarf French Marigold Flower Seeds
Plant height is between 6-8 in. (if seeds are sowed at right time). Best Export quality seeds available in the market. Appropriate for re-selling and end-use product for the gardens.
Long lasting flowers
Bright Colours
High pest residence
80% above germination

Marigold Flower Seeds For Sale

Organic Maize For sale

Seller Name: M Kirubakaran
Address : Kallakurichi, Villupuram dt, Tamil Nadu
Contact No: 8110927114
Email: mukiruba [at]

We are grower of organic maize. we have two tones of organic maize for sale. Interested person can contact on +9181110927114

Green Fodder Incubator For Sale

Agri Products : Green fodder incubator

Seller Name: Ravi kumar Murugesan
Address: Erode, Erode (Dt), tamil Nadu
Contact No: 9865240501
Email: ssravikumar69 [at]

Green Fodder Incubator For Sale

Global warming and climate change are the two most challenging threats against today’s scientist and technocrats. Many countries have been affected by water shortages, drought and adverse climatic conditions, to mitigate the requirement of feed and fodder for the living organism on earth it is now high time to discover or invent the technologies for production of quality feed and fodder with minimum input cost. With keeping above mentioned problems in mind we have designed “Greentech Organic hydroponics system”. Greentech Organic Hydroponics Systems Manufactures are actively involved in the dynamic way of organic hydroponics green fodder production. Greentech Organic Hydroponics Systems Manufactures has mission to disseminate hydroponics technology to urban and rural areas where they can harness its benefits and advantages by its maximum consumption.

To ensure sustainable green fodder round the year for dairy animals
Quality green fodder production with minimum land and water.
Economically viable green dodder production with controlled environment.
To evaluate various fodder seeds for production of hydroponics green fodder in Gujarat State.
To implement advanced technology in the field of Hydroponics
To support the land less milk producer.
To minimize feed cost for milk production

Layer & Broiler hatching Eggs for Sale

Agri Products : Broiler hatching eggs Cobb 500 and Cobb 700 and Ross 308

Seller Name: Emen Mingo
Address: Sublot 17 to 20, Rock Commercial Centre, Jalan Green,93150 Kuching, Sarawak
Contact No: 1111836645
Email: infosales [at]

Layer & Broiler hatching Eggs for Sale

We are suppliers of layer and broiler hatching eggs
broiler hatching eggs Cobb 500 and Cobb 700 and Ross 308
size of eggs 53to 68 grams
hatchability %90+
parent flocks are all vaccinated , vaccination program available if needed
free from bird flu and other related diseases
packaging 30 eggs per tray , 12 trays per carton
360 eggs per carton.
Delivery is by Air and it takes maximum 3 days
Veterinary certificate available

Edible Oil in Bulk

Agri Products : Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Rapeseed oil, Olive oil, Peanut Oil, Cottonseed Oil and others

Seller Name: Haziq Rayzal
Address: Moscow
Contact No: 6016949393
Email: hrayzal [at]

Agriculture Products Suppliers

We are one of the major supplier and manufacturing enterprise of crude and refined oil, we can supply your demand overtime and we ensure you effective service delivery.

We have our farm , plantation ,mill, refinery and warehouse. We sell at wholesale and very competitive prices. We have available , edible oil , cooking oil , used oil , oil for Biofuel and Biodiesel production.

It is important you know that, not all the oil we have for sale are indicated in this advert. Should you have interest in other oil , please ask us for details.

For immediate response and purchase,
Contact Us: E-mail: hrayzal [at]
Mr. Haziq Rayzal

Supply ability: 5000 Metric Tons / a week - You can buy below 5000 Tons.

Delivery time: 14 working days sea freight - This depends on your delivery Port.

Packaging Method: Bottles, flexitank , Jerrycans or drums, Glass or tin, PET, PE or HDPE , Cartons. - Customers preference is important.

For Long terms Contract Agreement, 20 years sales supply or less, It is possible you visit our office and warehouse in Malaysia for business communication, sales and purchase signatory and supply terms. We ensure you effective service delivery.

Agriculture Products of Paddy and Coconuts for sale

Seller Name: Kumar Dayanidhi
Address : Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Contact No: 8680073371 Email: sivasidam2000 [at]

I am dealing with agriculture products of paddy,urud dal,toor dal,coconuts and vegetables for sale if anyone requires in huge quantity ,we can supply.