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Rose Farming

Rose Cultivation Makes Profits for Hubli Farmers

Rose cultivation has changed the life of farmers in Hubli taluk for the better.

Farmers wanted to do something different than continue with the conventional practice of growing jowar, groundnut and other crops. Rose cultivation was on their mind and the idea finally took shape. With their hard work, many farmers of Chavuragudda, Parasapur and Devargudiyal villages in Hubli taluk have now turned rose cultivation into a profitable one. Farmers cultivate rose shrubs exclusively in their plots and have made it their main occupation, while others grow rose bushes in their agricultural lands for extra income. Roses are grown extensively in these three villages of Hubli taluk throughout the year. For most farmers, rose cultivation is their lifeline.

Around 80 farmers from these villages sell their rose yield every day at Durgadbail between 7am and 12pm where every farmer sells at least 1,500 roses. The flowers are transported to markets in Belgaum, Bagalkot, Hubli-Dharwad, Kumta, Bhatkal, Gadag and Goa.

Rose Farmers Review:
1. Saraswati Somanakoppa, a rose farmer from Chevuragudda said, "We make good profits when we have proportionate yield of roses to that of the demand. Compared to other crops, rose cultivation has enriched our lives."
"When there is good demand for roses, we sell each rose at Rs 2. Even during the off season we sell around 500 roses at around Rs 400 to Rs 500," she added.
"Our family has been involved in this business since 10 years, and has been growing roses in our one-acre plot in Chevuragudda. Daily, we get a yield of 1,000 roses to a maximum of 3,000," she said.

2. Basayya Pujar, a rose farmer from Devaragudiyal, said: "I cultivate roses on a three-acre plot, and have been doing so since 14 years. This is my main occupation."