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NABARD Comes Out With Road Map to Promote Dairy, Poultry Farming

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has come out with a roadmap for the area based development of micro and small-scale dairy and poultry activities in the district. NABARD projects a road map for micro and small scale dairy and poultry sector developments in Tirupur.

As a task under the initiative, a document had been compiled by the NABARD to help the farmers understand the nuances of dairy and poultry farming if it has to be taken up as micro or small scale- ventures.

The document, to be circulated soon among farmers and various stakeholders involved in the dairy and poultry development, had incorporated not only the scales of finances to set up and operate the ventures but also the guidelines for the farmers on the schedules they should follow to keep animals/birds healthy and fodder management among other topics.

For ensuring of the overall development of micro and small dairy and poultry enterprises, it also highlights the role of various stakeholders like Veterinary University Training and Research Centre in Tirupur city, milk producers’ cooperative societies, farmers’ groups and banks which lend credit.

NABARD’s Assistant General Manager V. Raju told, “Our analysis says that there were enough potential for development of micro- level dairy projects involving rearing of two cattle per unit and for small scale poultry ventures involving 1,000 fowls per unit in the district going by the favourable agro-climatic conditions.”


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