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Poultry Farming : Government of India is Promoting Poultry

The availability is 63 eggs per person per year in the country, while as per National Nutrition Institute this should be about 180 eggs per person, said Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

In a function organized by DADF on World Egg Day at Pusa in New Delhi, today. The poultry farmers and various stakeholders were participating in this function, said Agriculture Minister.

India is among the top egg producer countries in the world and the production of eggs in the country is about 83 billion. In order to increase egg production by three times many steps have been taken so that health of the children improves and poultry farmers get benefits.

Through National Livestock Mission, Government of India is promoting poultry farming. Financial assistance is being given to the BPL families for poultry farming. Poultry farming is being promoted under the component of entrepreneurship development and employment generation.

Awareness should be created among the people about the nutrition values of eggs and doctors, nutrition specialists, academicians, women and child institutes, egg processing industries and related policy makers can play a vital role in this. Egg can help a lot in combating the malnutrition.

National Egg Coordination Committee, Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association of India, Animal Health Companies, Poultry Federation of India and Poultry Association have played a vital role in this programme, said the Minister.