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Plant Pathology Jobs

Plant Pathology Jobs for Plant Pathologist in Mysore

Job Title:Plant Pathologist
Job Location:Mysore
No. of Positions:01
Company:Alpine Wineries Private Limited
Pay Scale:INR 250000-300000P.A. subsidised food & accommodation will be provided
Qualification:B.Sc- Any Specialization, Agriculture, M.Sc - Agriculture, Other
Experience:0 - 1 years

To make laboratory and field diagnoses of plant pathological materials.
To conduct surveys, isolates and identifies nematodes and other organisms which causes diseases in plants.
Prepares, examines and interprets histological specimens.
Analyzes potential hazards to plant life and makes recommendations for solutions to problems.
Studies and compares healthy and diseased plants to determine symptoms of diseased condition.
Inoculates healthy plants with culture of suspected agents taken from diseased plants and studies effects to determine agents responsible for diseases.
Isolates disease causing agents, studies habits and life cycle, and devises methods of destroying or controlling agent.
Tests possible control measures under laboratory and field conditions for comparative effectiveness, practicality, and economy. Investigates comparative susceptibility of different varieties of plants and develops varieties immune to disease.
Studies rates of spread and intensity of disease under different conditions of soil, climate and geography, and predicts outbreaks of plant diseases.
Determine kinds of plants and insects that harbor or transmit disease.
Studies losses from deterioration of perishable plant products in transit or storage and develops practices to prevent or reduce losses.
Assists staff biologists in the enforcement of state laws and regulations as they relate to plant diseases.
Prepares news releases, bulletins and other educational materials on methods to cope with plant diseases.
Maintains records and prepares reports.
Preparation of operational control procedures.
Monitoring of key parameters of activities / operations which can have significant impacts on environment.

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