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Hybrid Seeds News : IARI Released Seed Varieties

Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) released seed varieties including Wheat, Pearl Millet, Mustard, Cauliflower, Sarda melon, Cucumber and Marigold during 2015.

1] Wheat: HS 542 (Pusa Kiran):
A semi- dwarf variety with grain yield potential of 6.03 t/ha under rain fed situations. The variety is resistant to stripe and leaf rust.

2] Wheat: HW 1098 (Nilgiri Khapli)
A high yielding semi-dwarf dicoccum wheat variety with yield potential of 4.78 t/ha and high degree of resistance to stem, leaf and yellow rust. HW 1098 produced bold grain with better grain quality.

3] Wheat: HDCSW 18
This is the first variety of country bred specifically for CA. It is resistant to high temperature at seedling stage.

4] Wheat: HD 3117
It has genetic yield potential of 5.5 t/ha. Average yield of this variety under late sown is 4.78 t/ha. Grain protein content is 11.7%.

5] Wheat: HD 4728 (Pusa Malvi)
A semi dwarf, 120 days maturing durum wheat variety with genetic yield potential of 6.8 t/ha. It has bold and lustrous grain.

6] Wheat: HS 562
It has genetic yield potential of 6.2 t/ha under irrigated condition.

7] Pearl Millet: Pusa Composite 701
Pusa Composite 701 is dual purpose pearl millet variety identified for A zone with high grain and stover yields.

8] Pusa Double Zero Mustard 31:
First Canola type variety. It is yellow seeded variety with 40.56% oil content.

9] Cauliflower : Pusa Betakesari
This is the first ever indigenously bred bio-fortified beta carotene rich cauliflower variety.

10] Sarda melon : Pusa Sarda
This variety grown in net house under north Indian plains. Its fruits are golden yellow.

11] Musk melon : Pusa Madhurima
This is unique shaped musk melon variety with high yield and increased shelf life.

12] Cucumber : Pusa Seedless Cucumber-6
First extra improved variety of parthenocarpic gynoecious cucumber suitable for cultivation in protected condition.

13] Long melon : Pusa Utkarsh
First early maturing variety of long melon for spring summer season cultivation under North India.

14] Round melon : Pusa Raunak
First early maturing variety of round melon for spring summer season cultivation under North India. It produces 8- 10 fruits per vine.

15] Marigold: Pusa Bahar
It flowers in 90-100 days after sowing. Plants are vigorous having height of 75-85 cm.