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Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse Farming is Famous in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh

Polyhouses, also known as greenhouses. Greenhouse farming caught the fancy of farmers in Bijnor district. A polyhouse is a plastic greenhouse covering a patch of land where crops are grown.

The interior heats up as solar radiation from the sun warms the plants, soil, and other things inside the building faster. Also, crops are protected from the ill-effects of weather such as untimely rain and hail.

Under the National Horticulture Mission farmers will get subsidies to use polyhouses. Himanshu Tyagi, 35, an MBA graduate have built four polyhouses on 10 bighas of land. It cost me a total of Rs 1 crore to build these four polyhouses. He grewen roses in two polyhouses and capsicum in the others.

Explaining how a polyhouse is set up, he said, "Once the skeletal structure is ready, it is covered with a poly-sheet. All vegetables are grown inside the polyhouse itself. The extremities of weather, such as excess cold or rain, have no effect on crop.

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