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Solar Water Pump Scheme for Farmers of Maharashtra

Solar water pumps scheme for farmers in Maharashtra is launched by state government of Maharashtra. Under the state government scheme, beneficiaries are supposed to get solar pumps at a highly subsidized rate and farmers have to pay just 5 per cent of the pump’s total cost.

The Maharashtra government ambitious scheme of installing five lakh solar agricultural pumps across the state for farmers. The government has given a contract for at least 10,000 solar pumps to install in the pilot phase. One solar pumps cost between Rs 3 and Rs 5 lakh depending on the horse power. The scheme is applicable for all districts in Maharashtra state. To get benefits from this scheme, a farmer has to have a landholding smaller than five acres. The farmers have deposited money with the state government for installation of these pumps. The State government also relaxing the norms from 5 acres to 10 acres to get more application for installation of solar water pumps. The government has aims to provide solar water pump on subsidy basis for agriculture in Maharashtra state.

Benefits of Solar Water Pumps Scheme for Farmers in Maharashtra:
- Subsidy to install solar water pumps
- Saving energy and bills
- No impact of power cuts and load shading

Eligibility for Solar Water Pumps Scheme:
- All farmers who have less than 5 acres land are eligible for Solar water pumps scheme for farmers in Maharashtra

Documents Required for Solar Water Pumps Scheme:
- Application form
- Applicant Aadhaar card
- Applicant 7/12
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