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National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm (NMOOP)

India's vegetable oil economy is world's fourth largest after USA, China and Brazil. This sector has recorded annual growth rate of area, production and yield @ 2.44%, 5.47% and 2.96% respectively during last decade (i.e., 1999-2009).

National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm (NMOOP) envisages increase in production of vegetable oil sourced from oilseeds, oil palm and TBOs from 7.06 million tonnes to 9.51 million tonnes by the of Twelfth Plan (2017-2017).

Mini Mission (MM)Target of 12th Plan
MM I on OilseedsAchieve production of 35.51 million tonnes and productivity of 1328 kg/ha of oilseeds from the present average production & productivity of 28.93 million tonnes and 1081kg/ha during the 11th Plan period respectively.
MMII on Oil PalmBring additional 1.25 lakh hectare area under oil palm cultivation through area expansion approach in the States including utilization of wastelands with increase in productivity of fresh fruit brunches (FFBs) from 4927 kg per ha to 15000 kg/ha.
MM III on TBOsEnhance seed collection of TBOs from 9 lakh tonnes to 14 lakh tonnes and to augment elite planting materials for area expansion under waste land.

The strategy to implement the proposed Mission will include,

Increasing Seed Replacement Ratio (SRR) with focus on Varietal Replacement;

Increasing coverage under oilseeds crops;

Inter-cropping of oilseeds with cereals/ pulses/sugarcane;

Use of fallow land after paddy/ potato cultivation;

Expansion of cultivation of Oil Palm & TBOs;

Enhancing procurement of oilseeds and collection & processing of TBOs.