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Govt to provide max of 4,000 sq ft of land to agri labourers

Bengaluru: The state government on Friday issued the guidelines to declare the agriculture labourer is the owner of land, up to an extent of 4,000 square feet only.

In its gazette notification, the revenue department has said: "The assistant commissioner shall, after enquiry, determine, by order, the person entitled to be registered as owner of the dwelling house and the land appurtenant (belonging) thereto, if any, in all not exceeding 4,000 square feet or the extent of land in actual possession of that person, whichever is less, in respect of which he is entitled to be registered..."

The rules also cite that the agriculture labourer will have to pay the government a prescribed amount, which shall be fixed in proportionate with the land which is being accorded to the labourer.

The same will be given to the land owner, if it is privately owned, by the state government as compensation.

Meanwhile, the rules also cite that "unrecorded habitations" will be identified as those with a minimum of 10 dwelling units with roads and common areas within the vicinity.

The same will then be identified as a revenue village by the state government.

The Karnataka Land Reforms (amendment) Act, 1964, is expected to benefit about 4 lakh to 5 lakh landless labourers who have settled in roughly 4,000 clusters of habitats, some of which are known as Lambani Tanda, Gollarahatti, Vaddarahatti, Kurubarhatti, Nayakarahatti, Majare Grama, Haadi, Doddi, Palya, Camp and Colony.