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Focus on Need of Agriculture Machinery Bank in BAU workshop

Bihar Agriculture University (BAU) recently held workshop which aims at augmenting the agriculture yield through optimal utilization of land and other farm resources. Attention was given on the establishment of Agriculture Machinery Banks (AMBs) as well as the Agricultural Machinery Custom Hiring Centres (AMCHCs) in rural and suburban areas for transformational change in the agriculture sector.

BAU experts said that the objective of the workshop, held under the 'Unnat Bharat Abhiyan' scheme of the central government and Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), was to create awareness about using various farm machinery and equipment’s among the different categories of farmers including small and marginal farmers, constituting 80% of the land holding, in order to improve mechanization in places with low farm manpower availability.

Need is towards gradual shift from dependence on manpower and animal power to mechanical power because of increasing cost of human labour. Establishment of AMBs and AMCHCs in rural and suburban areas would result building-up of farm machineries, implements and equipment meant for custom hiring by farmers. Equipment like tractors, power tillers, self-propelled machineries, combine harvesters etc should be added in AMBs and AMCHCs for letting it out on hire to the farmers for agriculture purposes.