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Agriculture Machinery: Rice Transplanter NSP-4W by Kubota

Features of Rice Transplanter NSP-4W:
1. Enhanced Profitability from Precision Transplanting
- Seedling-Friendly Transplanting Method Stainless Steel Transplanting Claws
- Adjustable Transplanting Factors

2. Superior Manoeuvrability for Enhanced Operational Efficiency:
- Starting Operations Simple and Easy
- Handle Height Adjustment
- Conveniently Located Levers

3. Excellent Operational Efficiency:
- Large Seedling Platform
- Extended Seedling Platform
- Headlights with Multi-Reflector

4. High Power & Excellent Efficiency:
- Powerful and Efficient OHV Gasoline Engine with Recoil Starter
- Generous Fuel Tank and Wide Diameter Fuel Inlet Port
- Conforming to Ground Undulations
- Large Diameter Wheels Especially Appreciated in Muddy Field Conditions
- Fender Rod for Uncompromised Safety

5. Outstanding Durability and Easy Maintenance-
- Highly-durable materials are incorporated for the Transmission and for hydraulic functions.
- To prolong service life.
- The Oil Bath Method is used for the Feed Casing and the Transplanting Casing.