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Now Hi-Tech Equipment to Farmers on Rent

Advanced agricultural tools and equipment reaching to farmers bring the next big change in agriculture as well as agricultural tools industry, says experts.

Chairman of the All-India Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, Baldev Singh Amar said “Technology and innovation will be the big push which would reach farmers at grassroots level with the coming up of ‘custom hiring centres’ providing high technology equipment to farmers on rent. The Centre is supporting setting up of these centres, which will have advanced agricultural equipment and tools."

At the CII Agro Tech 2016 Roadshow organised in the Ludhiana, he was speaking. For creating awareness about CII’s biannual exhibition this event was organised by the same name, which is going to be held at Chandigarh in November.

Without having to invest in it, this rent-out model will help technology to reach to farmers, so this will indirectly help in growth of the agricultural industry. Even cooperative societies were being set up who are buying these equipment for common use of farmers, and renting these out for use.

According to the experts, several new technologies were being adopted, which including laser land leveller, which saves 30 per cent of water, sugarcane harvester, cotton pickers, paddy transplanters, these are not only save time and labour, but also it saves resources like water, and were more cost effective.

Technology and innovation was the need of the hour, as more than 30 per cent of the population was still engaged in and dependent on agriculture in the country, experts said. Also the use of advanced technology would also help bring youth back to agriculture, which has increasingly being dwindling away from the field.