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Increased Use of Agriculture Machinery

The use of machinery for farming began in the 19th century in Britain and US, and has evolved over time. From the last century various incremental innovation had done in farm and farm equipment. Agricultural machinery manufacturers are at the forefront of change and evolution of the agriculture sector giving rise to modern day integrated farm management approach.

Ploughing and cultivation is the first procedure in the production line for growing crops in which the soil is cultivated or ploughed to make it suitable for plant growth. While tractors and combine harvesters are most commonplace across the globe, ploughing and cultivating machinery is next to further reduce manual intervention in agriculture.

Shrinking agricultural land base, higher mechanization for better productivity and positive global agricultural outlook are some of the factors driving demand for ploughing and cultivating machinery. Government support in form of subsidies further would help the farming community in developing regions to readily adapt and use such machinery in farm land.