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A Special Feed Increases Milk Yield in Cattle

“TMR (Total mixed ration) feed concept is an old one being practiced in large farms across U.S. and some other foreign countries. I came to know of this feed while I was working in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

“One of the specialists working there had given this idea/formula to a progressive farmer and shared this information with me and I took it further from there,” says Dr. R .Unnikrishnan, Veterinary Surgeon, Animal Husbandry Department, Govt of Kerala.

TMR helps in enhanced milk production, quality, good reproductive health and overall physical condition of an animal. Animals fed with this ration require only small quantities of green fodder or dry straw as supplements.

Right ingredients

Each mouthful of TMR feed that an animal consumes contains the right amount of ingredients for a balanced ration.

For animals fed with this special ration it has been observed that the milk production increases to five per cent more than those fed with commercial or conventional feeds.

Source: The Hindu