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Sales Executive at Zydex Industries Private Ltd. in Nashik

Job Title:Executive/Sr. Executive - Sales
Job Location:Nashik, Dindori
Employer:Zydex Industries Private Ltd.
Qualification :BSc. in Agri or MSc. Argi/ MBA Marketing/Agro Business Management
Experience:1 years

Responsibilities :
1. Work experience with sales in the agricultural sector dealing with various aspects of farming and agri products.
2. Effectively contributing to the growth of sales via marketing and conducting field trials. Collecting and organizing farmer data.
3. Good communicating skills and the ability to logically convince potential customers.
4. Participate in various agri exhibitions and seminars as needed.
5. Computer Savvy- should be able to generate and analyse reports. MS office skills preferred.
6. Enthusiastic about achieving set goals and working well with deadlines.

Requirements :
Good communication and interpersonal skills. Willing to travel in order to create connections with farmers and villagers on a personal level.
Ambitious and willing to work hard to achieve good results.

How to Apply :
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