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Agriculture Technology : Farmers May Get Soil Testing Machines for Soil Fertility Tests.

The government is thinking to provide farmers with compact and handheld devices to enable them to conduct soil fertility tests on their own.

"The device will help farmers not just assess the quality of soil but also suggest remedial measures to improve it in a very user friendly manner," a senior government official told. Improvement of soil health is one the top priorities of the government.

The target is to test 2.5 crore soil samples, but just 28.7% of that is achieved until May 24. Only 1.8 crore, or about 13%, of the targeted 14 crore soil health cards are issued. Once the soil tests are done at the labs, experts have to analyse the results and suggest measures to deal with deficiencies, making the entire process tedious and time consuming.

With the handheld device, soil quality can be tested anytime and corrective steps can be taken immediately.