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Due to the demonetisation drive, Agriculture sector experienced distress. It is the largest informal sector and the main driver in the Indian economy. Expectations are running high in the Indian agricultural sector with the Budget 2017 being preponed.

It is important that the agricultural sector receive top priority for the rural economy, which caters to 65 percent (800 million) of India’s population. Budget 2017 will focus on making the life easy and convenient with the introduction of its measures and initiatives of lower income groups, i.e farmers and the SMEs.

To bring agriculture in the purview of digital payments revolution and the move towards high-value agricultural products, other notable agriculture-related discussions in the run-up to the budget presents ways, also discussions are ongoing regarding methods that can be implemented by the government to increase the income of farmers by two-fold by 2022.

In a country like India, the well-being of the rural economy is directly interconnected to improving farmer livelihoods, where 50 percent of rural households depend on agriculture. By providing the sector with positive initiatives, the 2017 budget needs to bring about change. They should choose new agricultural technologies including seeds and services.

They would keep track of market updates, government notifications, market information updates, R&D, branding and promotion of mustard oil. As mustard oil will help this segment in positioning the product in line with the changing needs and demands, there is a strong need to focus on the marketing of mustard oil.

It will not only help create new IPs, reduce import costs, bring upsurge in local jobs and even provide a boost to the agriculture manufacturing sector, it will also help in creating enhanced quality seeds, while playing a major role in enabling an 'ever-green revolution'.