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Ginger Farmers Earning Good Prices Through Online Trade

Thousands of farmers have registered with e- NAM (electronic-National Agriculture Market), a pan-India electronic portal launched by the Centre, to sell ginger and potatoes that opened in Kunduli weekly market.

To create a unified market for agricultural commodities, the portal connects existing agricultural produce marketing committees.

According to Regulated Marketing Committee Secretary S K Padhi, e-NAM has created a unified market through online trading platform both at State and national level to promote uniformity and streamline sale procedures across the integrated markets.

In the first phase, ginger and potato produced in the Koraput district have been included under e-NAM and traders can buy those through online bidding.

Anyone in the Koraput district can obtain a licence to participate in the online bidding process by paying a fee to the respective market committee. As many as 1,754 farmers and 50 traders are registered in the Koraput district under e-NAM till date.

Through online bidding of products, the monopoly of local traders will be checked in determining the price of a product and farmers will get the highest price for their produce.

According to a ginger grower, Sukdev Naik of Bankaput village under Pottangi block, last year he sold ginger at 8 per kg, while this year he sold the produce at 31 per kg through online bidding. He said about 24 co-farmers have sold 2.5 tonnes of ginger through e-NAM.