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Production VP Required at Kheyti in Hyderabad.

Job Title:Greenhouse Production & Agronomy VP
Job Location:Hyderabad
Qualification : Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:
● A professional with >8 years of experience in polyhouse cultivation. Preferably in Hyderabad’s local climate and local conditions.
● Leadership experience within or outside of work.
● Good conceptual knowledge in the protected cultivation. D egree preferably in agriculture field like soil science, agronomy, or horticulture. Masters is a bonus.
● Strong documentation and computer skills – data analysis and reporting skills
● Should be have a penchant towards new technology /innovation. So that s/he can test sensors, or new production techniques and believe it is worth doing.
● Language: English speaking/writing skills required. Either Hindi or Telugu speaking skills required at a working level.
● Experience with hydroponics/soilless is a plus
Experience: We need a protected cultivation professional with minimum 8 years of experience in polyhouse production and a demonstrated passion for agricultural development
Job Purpose:To identify and deliver the best production practices and technologies to small farmers in protected cultivation for optimum agronomy.
● Design & implement world's leading PoPs for protected cultivation for small farmers
● Identify and test new production technologies R&D From hydroponics, to sensors, to new inputs
● Supervise delivery of production advisory services to small holders that Kheyti is working with. (Secondary Purpose)
Duties and Responsibilities: These duties include but not limited to Coordinating & Researching
● Liaise with subject matter experts, technologists and academics engaged by Kheyti Managing production on Hub & Testing
● Test and measure costs and of various technologies and methodologies of vegetable cultivation in protected environment.
● Manage team of 1 2 executives, contract workers and service providers as needed Customizing and Documenting
● Create daily, weekly and project level documentation for field trials with analysis
● Suggest customization on technologies based on trial results Delivery of Advisory (Secondary)
● Assist in developing new training materials based on research and trials.
● Deliver advise on the field in addition to assisting field staff for extension delivery
Working Conditions: ● Will have travel both in India and globally,if necessary
● Full-time role at hub farm in Depalle, Mahaboobnagar (45 mins from Hyd airport). Acco+food provded
How to Apply:Please Contact Employer Directly.
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