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International Agri and Horti Technology Expo 2016

Date: 29-30-31 December 2015
Venue: Exhibition Ground, Bittan Market, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

ADAMAS Events Pvt. Ltd. & Bharti Media Events Pvt. Ltd., diversified its activities into organizing Trade Show, Conferences, Events & Exhibitions to promote the Indian Industries.

International Agri & Horti Technology Expo 2015 is India’s Largest Agri & Horti Show and is considered the top event in the agricultural & horticultural industry.

In its 3rd year it is the place to experience the present and future of Indian agriculture & horticulture.
No other trade fair attracts so many farmer or such a large number of agri & horti professionals not only from India but also abroad.
International Agri & Horti Technology Expo 2015 offers you the business potential both in terms of quality and quantity. It is one place where you can make direct contacts with your customers, key players and even your competitors.
Became a part of International Agri & Horti Technology Expo 2015 and play your role in defining the future of Indian agricultural & horticultural in terms of technology and innovation.

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy accounting for 18.5% of the country's GDP.
Average growth rate of agriculture & allied sectors in the last 2 years has been more than 4%.
Agri-exports have registered a 25% growth in last years.
Export of Agriculture equipment is stood at about US$450 million every year.
Agri-biotech sector growing @ 30%, since last 5 years.
Indian farm equipment market is estimated to share more than 10% of the global market.
There has been an increased focus on mechanization of agriculture & technology adoption in an attempt to ensure greater return on investment and sustainability of agriculture. India is developing into a hub for manufacture of agricultural equipment.

In India, more than 50% agriculture farmers along with the cultivation of main crops like wheat & paddy are engaged in the farming of flowers, fruits, Vegetables & other crops.
Being an International exhibition on agriculture and allied sector, Scientists will exchange their ideas & innovations in this sector and they will deliver the lectures. Govt. departments will showcase their schemes, objectives & achievements to the concerned clients. There is a huge requirement of the farmer's welfare as well as micro financing in agriculture.