Different Schemes of APEDA

Title of the

Activity Components Under the Scheme

Pattern of Assistance

Scheme for development
of infrastructure and services
Assistance for purchase of specialised transport units for meat, horticulture and floriculture sectors 25% (Ceiling of Rs. 1.5 lakhs per unit)
Scheme for Export
Production and
market development
Supply of material for purpose of product information, publicity and promotion by APEDA
b. Brand publicity
Cost of samples or freight or both to be decided on case to case basis (ceiling of Rs, 50,000 per exporter)
Scheme for
Programmes for development of packaging standards and designs.
Assistance to exporters for packaging development.
a. APEDA's own programmes.

b. 60% subsidy on cost of packaging development (ceiling of Rs. 1 lakh per beneficiary)

Scheme for
to promote quality
and quality control
Assistance to manufacturer exporters and producers for setting up/ strengthening of quality control functions/ laboratories including laboratory equipment & field laboratories
Assistance to exporters & producers for specialised consultancy services towards installing ISO-9000 or other recognised international quality control systems & developing quality control manuals.
a. 50% (ceiling of Rs. 5 lakhs per beneficiary)

b. Upto 50% of the cost subject to a ceiling of Rs.2 lakhs per beneficiary.

Scheme for
building, HRD,
and database
a. Assistance to growers and manufacturer exporters for upgradation of technical skills of supervisory technical and managerial personnel through training in India.
b. Assistance to recognised association of growers/exporters for support contribution towards export related group activities.
a. 50% of the cost of approved training programmes.

b. 50% of the cost of publication for the purpose of dissemination of information, subject to a ceiling of Rs.10,000 per individual beneficiary.

c. The assistance will be available only to recognised Association of growers/exporters.

Scheme for
in post harvest
of perishable
Assistance to exporters/producers/growers/ cooperative organisations and federation for:
a Mechanisation of harvest operations.
b Purchase of intermediate packaging for domestic transportation of produce
c Setting up of sheds for intermediate storage and grading storage/cleaning operation of the produce.
d Setting up of mechanised post harvest handling system for grading, sorting and quality control operations.
e Provisions of pre-cooling and cold storage facilities at the field level.
f Provisions of VHT/ fumigation systems for exports
50% of the total capital cost subject to a ceiling of Rs.5 lakhs per beneficiary.
Scheme for
Financial assistance for modernisation and upgradation of slaughter houses/processing plants under the public sector engaged in export production. 50% of modernisation/ upgradation costs
Airfrieght subsidy
Assistance to exporters for following items only:
a Mango (other than Alphanso)
b Pomegranates
c Chikoo
d Citrus
e Apple
f Ber, Custard Apple Lychee
g Grapes (consignments sent before 31st January or after 30th April only)
h Guavas
i Bananas
j Flowers, flower plants/cuttings, tissue culture
a Exports to Europe and USA: Rs.10/- per kg
b Exports to South East and West Asia:Rs 6/kg


25% of airfreight rate approved by IATA whichever is less.\