Export Commodities of India

Agriculture & allied products

l Basmati rice
l Cashew
l Cashewnut shell liquid
l Castor oil
l Coffee
l Cotton raw including waste
l Floriculture products
l Fresh fruits
l Fresh vegetables
l Fruits and vegetable seeds
l Groundnuts
l Marine products
l Meat & preparations
l Miscellaneous processed items
l Non-Basmati rice
l Oil meals
l Other cereals
l Poultry and Dairy products
l Processed fruits and juices
l Processed vegetables
l Pulses
l Sesame & niger seeds
l Shellac
l Spices
l Sugar and molasses
l Tea
l Tobacco manufactured
l Tobacco unmanufactured
l Wheat

Import Commodities of India

Food and related items

l Wheat
l Rice
l Other cereals
l Cereal preparations
l Pulses
l Milk & cream
l Fruits and nuts
l Spices
l Sugar
l Vegetable oils


Export related items

l Cashew nuts


Raw materials & intermediates

l Silk raw
l Wool raw
l Natural rubber
l Raw hides &skin
l Jute raw
l Cotton raw & waste
l Oilseeds
l Crude fertilisers

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