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April, 2016Organic Fertilizers - Plant Growth PromotersChennaiTamil Nadu
March, 2016Vermicompost for Sale at Bankura, West Bengal.BankuraWest Bengal

Organic Fertilizers - Plant Growth Promoters-“Fish & Algae 18 Amino Nutrients” Business Offer

“Fish & Algae 18 Amino Nutrients” are Plant Growth Promoters , it induces early growth of new leaves , increases crop yield by gives 30%-40% and acts as natural pest controller . Fish Amino Nutrients & “Algae 18 Amino Nutrients” are tested on Vegetables, Serials, Pulses, Fruits , and Flowering Plants. The product “Fish & Algae 18 Amino Nutrients” are affordable for the farmer,( Cost less than Rs 2/- 1 Liter Diluted) it can be diluted in the ratio of 1:500 litres of water and used.

The Range of Products available with us :
Whole sale Products:
1) Fish Amino Nutrients , 2) Algae 18 Amino Nutrients.

Retail Products:
1) Fruit Growth Promoter,2) Vegetable Growth Promoter ,3) Flower Growth Promoter, 4) Paddy Growth Promoter, 5)Terrace Garden Plants Growth Promoter.

Business offer: We are looking for Marketing Partner / Bulk purchase / Wholesale / Distributors. Good margins assured.

Seller Name: G. T. ArunKumar
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Mobile Number: 0852596999

Agriculture Classifieds: Dhanush Agro Farms Products

Vermicompost for Sale at Bankura, West Bengal.

We are manufacturing large quantity of vermicompost.
Interested Buyers can call on Given Contact Number
Location: Bankura, West Bengal
Price: 5000 / Ton.
Seller Contact: aniruddha.baps [at]