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January, 2017Dwarf French Marigold Flower Seeds For SaleGreater KailashJammu (J&K)
December, 2016Organic Maize For saleKallakurichiTamil Nadu
December, 2016Green Fodder Incubator For SaleErodeTamil Nadu
December, 2016Layer & Broiler hatching Eggs for SaleSarawakMalaysia
November, 2016Edible Oil in BulkMoscowIdaho
November, 2016Agri Products of Paddy and Coconuts for SalechennaiTamil Nadu

Dwarf French Marigold Flower Seeds For Sale

Seller Name: A. Ajoy Sharma
Address : Greater Kailash, Jammu (J&K).
Contact No: 9796800090
Email: alphastaragritech [at]

Product Name: Dwarf French Marigold Flower Seeds
Plant height is between 6-8 in. (if seeds are sowed at right time). Best Export quality seeds available in the market. Appropriate for re-selling and end-use product for the gardens.
Long lasting flowers
Bright Colours
High pest residence
80% above germination

Marigold Flower Seeds For Sale

Organic Maize For sale

Seller Name: M Kirubakaran
Address : Kallakurichi, Villupuram dt, Tamil Nadu
Contact No: 8110927114
Email: mukiruba [at]

We are grower of organic maize. we have two tones of organic maize for sale. Interested person can contact on +9181110927114

Green Fodder Incubator For Sale

Agri Products : Green fodder incubator

Seller Name: Ravi kumar Murugesan
Address: Erode, Erode (Dt), tamil Nadu
Contact No: 9865240501
Email: ssravikumar69 [at]

Green Fodder Incubator For Sale

Global warming and climate change are the two most challenging threats against today’s scientist and technocrats. Many countries have been affected by water shortages, drought and adverse climatic conditions, to mitigate the requirement of feed and fodder for the living organism on earth it is now high time to discover or invent the technologies for production of quality feed and fodder with minimum input cost. With keeping above mentioned problems in mind we have designed “Greentech Organic hydroponics system”. Greentech Organic Hydroponics Systems Manufactures are actively involved in the dynamic way of organic hydroponics green fodder production. Greentech Organic Hydroponics Systems Manufactures has mission to disseminate hydroponics technology to urban and rural areas where they can harness its benefits and advantages by its maximum consumption.

To ensure sustainable green fodder round the year for dairy animals
Quality green fodder production with minimum land and water.
Economically viable green dodder production with controlled environment.
To evaluate various fodder seeds for production of hydroponics green fodder in Gujarat State.
To implement advanced technology in the field of Hydroponics
To support the land less milk producer.
To minimize feed cost for milk production

Layer & Broiler hatching Eggs for Sale

Agri Products : Broiler hatching eggs Cobb 500 and Cobb 700 and Ross 308

Seller Name: Emen Mingo
Address: Sublot 17 to 20, Rock Commercial Centre, Jalan Green,93150 Kuching, Sarawak
Contact No: 1111836645
Email: infosales [at]

Layer & Broiler hatching Eggs for Sale

We are suppliers of layer and broiler hatching eggs
broiler hatching eggs Cobb 500 and Cobb 700 and Ross 308
size of eggs 53to 68 grams
hatchability %90+
parent flocks are all vaccinated , vaccination program available if needed
free from bird flu and other related diseases
packaging 30 eggs per tray , 12 trays per carton
360 eggs per carton.
Delivery is by Air and it takes maximum 3 days
Veterinary certificate available

Edible Oil in Bulk

Agri Products : Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Rapeseed oil, Olive oil, Peanut Oil, Cottonseed Oil and others

Seller Name: Haziq Rayzal
Address: Moscow
Contact No: 6016949393
Email: hrayzal [at]

Agriculture Products Suppliers

We are one of the major supplier and manufacturing enterprise of crude and refined oil, we can supply your demand overtime and we ensure you effective service delivery.

We have our farm , plantation ,mill, refinery and warehouse. We sell at wholesale and very competitive prices. We have available , edible oil , cooking oil , used oil , oil for Biofuel and Biodiesel production.

It is important you know that, not all the oil we have for sale are indicated in this advert. Should you have interest in other oil , please ask us for details.

For immediate response and purchase,
Contact Us: E-mail: hrayzal [at]
Mr. Haziq Rayzal

Supply ability: 5000 Metric Tons / a week - You can buy below 5000 Tons.

Delivery time: 14 working days sea freight - This depends on your delivery Port.

Packaging Method: Bottles, flexitank , Jerrycans or drums, Glass or tin, PET, PE or HDPE , Cartons. - Customers preference is important.

For Long terms Contract Agreement, 20 years sales supply or less, It is possible you visit our office and warehouse in Malaysia for business communication, sales and purchase signatory and supply terms. We ensure you effective service delivery.

Agriculture Products of Paddy and Coconuts for sale

Seller Name: Kumar Dayanidhi
Address : Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Contact No: 8680073371 Email: sivasidam2000 [at]

I am dealing with agriculture products of paddy,urud dal,toor dal,coconuts and vegetables for sale if anyone requires in huge quantity ,we can supply.