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Weather News : Crop and Weather Outlook by PAU

In next 2-3 days Weather is very likely to be dry and the temperature is expected to increase by 2-3˚C. During this period the maximum temperature is expected to remain between 12-16oC and minimum is expected to remain between 6-7oC, respectively. The maximum relative humidity is expected to remain between 73-86 % and minimum in between 44-56 % during these days.

The farmers are advised to monitor the crop for occurrence of yellow rust in fields. If symptoms of yellow rust are noticed, spray the crop (wherever yellow rust is noticed in patches) with Tilt or Shine or Bumper or Compass or stilt or Markzole @ 1 ml in 1 litre of water.

In case of aphid appearance on sarson and rays then spray 40 ml of Imidacloprid 200 SL/ 20 gm of Thiamethoxam 25 WG/ 12 gm of Dantop 50 WDG/ 150 ml Rogor 30 EC/ Metasystox 25 EC in 80-100 litres of water per acre.

Newly born calves need special care during cold weather as they are susceptible to attack of pneumonia. Keep the animals under roof at night time or during rain/fog and in the sun during the day. Do not apply milk for lubrication of teats after milking.