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Weather News: Fall in Temperature is Fails to Mitigate Farmer's Worries.

Indore: Experts and farmers said, as yields of major rabi crops are unlikely to get a boost due to the absence of appropriate moisture in the soil and comparatively hotter days, farmers in Madhya Pradesh do have not much to rejoice from falling temperature.

A dip in mercury is conducive to standing crop which is at a flowering stage, but comparatively hotter days at major cultivating regions have further raised concerns about falling yields in the state.

A farmer from Neemuch, Hemraj Dhangar said "Temperature has dropped since past 10 days, but days are still hotter whereas for proper growth temperature needs to come down in day time as well," He has sown wheat and chana in his fields.

Madhya Pradesh is a top producer of chana (gram), while it ranks fourth in wheat production in the country. Joint director, agriculture department, Indore, Satish Chandra Agrawal said "Currently yields for wheat and chana are likely to remain less this season due to lack of soil moisture. Temperature has started falling. In addition to this, if we get winter rains then it would be cherry on the cake as it could help yield jump by around 20-25%."

"Most crops are in flowering stage and weather will play a crucial role as any steep fluctuation in temperature will spoil standing crop," said Bhagatram Patidar, a farmer from Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh.

Farmers in Madhya Pradesh have sown chana, wheat, coriander and lentil in their fields and harvesting operations are likely to commence from February. A farmer from Rajgarh in state, Kuldeep Rajput said "Weather looks favourable as of now, but nothing can help improve yields because soil moisture is less." Madhya Pradesh is the second largest producer of coriander after Rajasthan.

Erratic rains at major cultivation regions in the state significantly reduced the level of moisture in the soil.

Senior research analyst at Kotak Commodities, a brokerage firm in Mumbai, Sudha Acharya said "Yield for chana, wheat and coriander looks poor in Madhya Pradesh this season because of low soil moisture. Temperature is conducive but any further dip in the temperature or frost in coming days might cause damage to the standing crop."