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Soil Management News : UP Government Seeks Central Fund for Improvement of Soil Health

In Uttar Pradesh soil is losing its fertility content. Near about 74 districts of the state have reported a low level of black humus — a carbon compound vital for fertility of the soil. The state government had send a proposal to centre for seeking a fund of Rs 10 crore under National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture.

Humus level in soil’s upper layer has been going down for several years now. The downfall is such that it has even crossed the minimum threshold necessary in the soil for better growth of plants. It is essential as its carbon content combines with nitrogen and enables plants to absorb it in nitrate form.

Director (Agriculture) A K Vishnoi said “Ideally, the level should be around one per cent in soil but it has decreased to nearly 0.75 percent." In Uttar Pradesh farming is dependent on chemical fertilisers.

There is an increased use of chemical fertilisers. It has decreased the humus content in the soil. Officials were trying to create awareness among farmers so that they revert to traditional method of using green manure and cow dung.