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Minister Interacts With the Fishers and Farmers at ICAR-CIFE

The focus of Ministry and the ICAR is to serve the best interests of the farmers and fishers. All efforts should be oriented towards the end beneficiaries so that the policy will get developed in the right direction.

Dr. Gopal Krishna, Director (Acting), ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai welcomed the Hon. Minister and the gathering and stressed on through joint efforts and partnerships, the role of CIFE in improving the lives of the fishers livelihoods.

The need for improved value added products from fish by sourcing the same at low coast and thus providing a wider market base for the fishers and fish farmers, this topic was discussed by Shri M. Gaikwad, Commissioner of Fisheries, Department of Fisheries, Maharashtra.

In order to improve the lives and livelihoods of the fishers, more support from Department of Fisheries and more interactive efforts and also joint programs with the related institutions, requested by Dr. Bharti Lavekar, MLA, Maharashtra.

The value added products to the fishers and agricultural kits to the farmers are distributed by the Union Minister. The Minister also patiently listened farmer's concerns and gave them suggestions.