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Agriculture Information: Use of Smartphone Apps By Officials to Collect Ag Data

Belagavi: A first in India, to record the details of crop cutting experiments (CCE) digitally, the state government has come up with a smartphone application.

A survey team comprising officials of revenue department, agriculture department, horticulture department and rural development and panchayat raj (RDPR) department will start collecting the data on crop cutting experiments from this Kharif season, on an experimental basis.

To execute this android application developed by national informatics centre (NIC), the officials of the departments concerned have undergone three stages of training in Bengaluru. Earlier the data was collected manually by filling forms like on various stages of crops, area of cultivation and crop loss.

With inbuilt GPS system and camera images the new application will ensure transparency and accuracy of data. For claiming insurance for crop loss easier, the information collected will be stored in internet server for long periods.

Now this app requires the officers to visit the field to collect the data, so this would solve farmers' complaints that by sitting in their offices officials are faking data.