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Social Networking Feature Added to Gujarat Mobile Apps for Farmers

Government of Gujarat has launched a mobile app for farmers with a social networking feature. The app has been developed by Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited for the farmers. The 'Gujarat Sarkar Khedut Mitra' app allows farmers to interact with other farmers as well as government officials through the app.

Chief of minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani informed regarding the app. He said that, most of the farmers are using smart phones, so that this app will connect farmers of the state with the government. Using this app farmers can find all the information at one place and which will help them at many stages.

The app 'Gujarat Sarkar Khedut Mitra' will not only provide just government schemes but will also update farmers on weather, offer expert advice and all other agriculture related things.

The aim of app is to helping farmers tap into modern agriculture techniques and technologies to cater to the global demand. Farmers have various technology in the area of agriculture and food processing and it can help farmers increase their produce, maintain the quality of their products and also save resources like electricity and water. At the same time government want to make farmer community aware about some of the state and central government schemes that have been announced with the aim of protecting the farmers from unexpected natural calamities.

For instance, an app launched by Odisha government provides farmers information about available agriculture land in the state. It also alerts farmers on quantity of inputs, as well as inform about its supply chain facilities and other government schemes. Both the Gujarat and Odisha apps find their similarity in the features that update farmers on latest technology in agriculture sector for improved productivity.

Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh States are also either launched or are launching mobile apps for farmers which mostly provide information about weather and crops care related information.

Maharashtra, whose app will go online next month, will provide information about government schemes, agriculture research and its results to the farmers in regional language through the platform. Punjab recently launched an app called 'Kisan Suvidha' which also provides information on weather updates, crop prices and expert advices.