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Agriculture Information Apps : Mobile app ‘Jayalakshmi Agro Tech’

A mobile application called ‘Jayalakshmi Agro Tech’ developed by a start-up social entrepreneurship venture at Hagaribommanahalli, Karnataka which provides detailed information about 15 major crops cultivated in Karnataka, including are coconut, sugarcane, banana, tomato, and paddy.

Anand Babu developed this app who has completed his degree from IIM-Bangalore. He came from a family of farmers in Hagaribommanahalli. After getting a degree from IIM-Bangalore, he served for 10 years in the corporate sector.

Mr. Babu says that the message related to agriculture was delivered with an audio-visual support system in Kannada so that even a farmer having minimum education could understand it.

The apps are loaded with information on different varieties of crops suited for various agro-climate zones, methods of sowing and transplantation, pest management, dosage of fertilizers to be administered, irrigation and harvesting techniques.

The app also has a reminder system on the schedule related to irrigation, administering of fertilizer, pesticide spray and vaccination to livestock.

The contents of the app were developed by taking consult from scientists working in the various agricultural universities in Karnataka. The content is upgraded at regular intervals to keep the farmers updated with latest innovations, he said.

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