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Agriculture Apps : Agriculture Apps Developed By Jayalaxmi Agro Tech

Jayalaxmi Agro Tech is an agriculture mobile technology solution provider from India.
They have developed several crops specific mobile applications for agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry in English and regional languages.
They have developed Apps like Banana Kannada, Grape Kannada, Pomegranate Kannada, Sugarcane Kannada, Tomato Kannada, Onion Kannada, Sheep Kannada, etc.
Currently their Agri application works on any android smart phone (very soon it will be available on iOS). Application doesn’t require internet.

Features of the Apps:
- GUI interphase and even illiterate farmer can use the application.
- Crop specific audio visual content support multiple language.
- Remind farmer on irrigation, fertigation, spray etc.
- Information on regional verities and their fitment.
- End to end information every agricultural crops.
- Guide to use growth hormones, fertilizers and pesticides.
- Crop specific post harvesting technology information.
- Information on Goat, sheep and diary forming.
- Vaccination reminders for Goat, Sheep and Cows.
- Provide decision support system for farmers.
- Provide pricing analytics and break even analysis.
- On demand weather reports.

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